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Captain Illia Poglod's Journey with Seafair: Turning Dreams into Reality

From Childhood Aspirations to Maritime Success: Meet Captain Illia Poglod

Illia Poglod, a seafarer hailing from Ukraine, had a childhood dream to become a Captain. Inspired by his father's seafaring profession, Illia set sail on a journey to turn his aspirations into reality. Through hard work and the support of Seafair, a leading digital crewing agency, Illia's dreams of commanding a ship came true. Join us as we dive into Captain Illia Poglod's remarkable journey and discover how Seafair played a pivotal role in shaping his successful maritime career.

A Childhood Dream Comes True, path to Success: Illia's Journey to Becoming a Captain

Illia's passion for the sea led him to the renowned Odessa National Maritime Academy, where he pursued a Master's degree in Marine Navigation. Fuelled by his unwavering determination, Illia embarked on a cadetship program and began his voyage in the maritime industry. With each passing contract, Illia honed his skills, always striving to become a more accomplished seafarer. After years of dedication, Illia's dream of becoming a Captain was realized, catapulting him into a world of opportunities.

Navigating the High Seas: Illia's Voyage through Different Vessels

From cement carriers to bulk carriers, Illia's career at sea has been a diverse and enriching experience. Collaborating with the Chief Officer and Engineer, Illia plans the ship's daily operations while ensuring effective communication with stakeholders such as owners and charters. With a keen eye for detail, Illia conducts thorough inspections, entrusting his crew to carry out vital tasks. Recognizing their professionalism and dedication, Illia believes in empowering his team to be the best they can be.

Setting Ambitious Goals: Illia's Advice for Aspiring Captains

Illia understands the power of ambition and setting lofty goals. It was his relentless pursuit of excellence that propelled him forward. His advice to aspiring Captains is simple yet powerful:

“Never give up on your dreams and believe in your ability to make them a reality”. I

llia's journey serves as a testament to the transformative impact of ambition, perseverance, and unwavering determination.

Smooth Sailing to Success: Illia Finds Seafair, Your Digital Crewing Platform

In his quest for new opportunities, Illia discovered Seafair, a revolutionary digital crewing agency. Seafair's user-friendly platform made the job search process a breeze. With easy profile creation and efficient communication via email and phone, Illia found saving valuable vacation time. As he enjoyed quality moments with his family, Seafair's dedicated team worked diligently to secure his next assignment as a Master, ensuring a seamless and stress-free preparation for his upcoming voyage.

Embark on Your Seafaring Adventure: Explore Opportunities with Seafair

Captain Illia Poglod's remarkable journey with Seafair showcases the incredible possibilities that lie ahead for seafarers. Seafair's commitment to empowering and supporting seafarers in their careers is unparalleled. With their user-friendly platform and unwavering dedication, Seafair invites seafarers from around the world to join them in their quest for success. Discover the vast opportunities that await you and set sail on your seafaring adventure with Seafair today.


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