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#FaceofSeafair - 2E Aleksei

We are excited to welcome 2E Aleksei to the Seafair community

We are excited to have worked with 2nd engineer Aleksei on his previous assignment. Coming from a family of seafarers, he is no stranger to the industry and has been on a great track to becoming a competent second engineer at a young age.

At Seafair, we want to bring options to our seafarers. Therefore, we work with a variety of shipping companies and continue to expand internationally, with many top opportunities for experienced seafarers. Seeing Aleksei’s profile, we believe he is a strong fit for our positions, and we are happy to have arranged a position with one of our close collaborators.

It was a great joy to work with Aleksei. Our team members - Irina and Yuliya have had an incredibly smooth process with him and we are excited to work together more in the long term.

Seafair is working hard to bring better experiences

Aleksei: “I want more information about the dates and my next steps”.

No one likes ambiguity, Therefore, we are hard at work to bring clarity to every single application. Coming soon this year, you will be able to see every single step in the application timeline, and expected timeline, and clear the next steps on our web portal. Check out our vacancies now.

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