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From Mariupol to the Open Seas: Second Officer Ivan Uvarov's Journey with

In the coastal city of Mariupol, where the sea is an integral part of life, Ivan Uvarov's journey began. He followed his passion for the maritime industry by attending the Mariupol Maritime Lyceum and then the Kherson Maritime Academy. After bypassing the traditional cadet path, Ivan secured a position with a local shipping agency in Odessa.

After five years of loyalty to his traditional crewing agency, the war in Ukraine forced Ivan to seek new opportunities. He registered on various job portals, including Maritime Zone and UkrCrewing, eventually discovering—a digital crewing platform that sparked his curiosity.

Despite being an early adopter of Seafair, Ivan took a leap of faith, attracted by their innovative approach and enticing offer. As it turned out, his experience with Seafair was overwhelmingly positive, with a supportive team that communicated primarily through Viber.

Ivan's journey with showcases the transformative potential of digital platforms in the maritime industry. He was initially drawn to for its 100% digital approach, which made accessing and managing all necessary documents and information a breeze. The platform's email newsletter system also allowed Ivan to receive job offers tailored to his availability, streamlining his job search process.

Throughout his journey with Seafair, Ivan consistently praised the high level of communication and support he received from the team. From Irina's assistance with flight delays and ticket changes to Aris Mastorakis' prompt resolution of banking issues, Ivan found the entire experience efficient and comfortable.

Additionally, Ivan valued the opportunity to work with a reputable shipowner and a diverse crew, made possible through He noted that the platform's transparent application process and the ability to view shipowner information set Seafair apart from traditional crewing agencies.

Ivan's positive experience with also piqued the interest of his fellow seafarers, who were impressed by the seamless onboarding process and the attractive $ bonus per month offered by the platform.

Second Officer Ivan Uvarov's story demonstrates the benefits of using a digital crewing platform like With its user-friendly interface, efficient communication, and access to reputable shipowners, stands out as a game-changer in the maritime industry, offering a convenient and rewarding experience for seafarers like Ivan. Embracing the digital revolution, Ivan's journey is an inspiring example for others in the maritime world to follow.


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