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Greur Bernal

A warm welcome for Greur! As a#facesofseafair seafarer, Greur represents the many multifaceted seafarers in the Seafair family. Greur started his last contract as an AB, but once his captain and crew manager took notice of his qualities, he was promoted to Bosun.

When Greur graduated high school, he wanted to pursue electrical engineering. After receiving a maritime transportation scholarship, he decided to become a deck cadet instead. Greur dove into seafaring with the hopes of becoming an officer. He quickly discovered that officership takes a lot of training and certificate maintenance, so he made the difficult decision to prioritize his family and developing skills.

Greur appreciates his work. He has had many opportunities to visit many different places. His visits to Portugal and Lisbon are among his favorites. He recalls good food, grand statues, and amazing views of the city and the night sky that re-energized him.

At sea, Greur works with the chief mate to distribute the tasks for the day. Moreover, thanks to his experience as an AB, he completes some tasks himself (like climbing up to hard-to-reach places on the vessel)! His previous experience humbles Greur, so he does his best to listen to those ranked below him and to serve his crew by being their “hands, eyes, and feet.”

In Greur’s opinion, seafaring is more than just finishing tasks. Seafarers should keep their goals in their mind and budget time. For Greur, the internet has made it easier to meet his goals of learning and honing new skills. In his free time, he reads, calls family, and maintains a blog!

Greur’s blog, Seaman Memories, is one of the most important ones in the seafaring community. Despite not knowing how to start a blog, he launched one in 2017. At first, he had few followers. After realizing that his audience wanted more tutorials and resources to succeed in their maritime careers, Greur dedicated his blog to helping seafarers. Now, Greur has tens of thousands of followers and readers.

Greur shares plenty of wisdom on his blog at His biggest piece of advice is to be resilient and a problem solver. Each vessel is run by 20-25 people, so each seafarer must focus and accomplish their tasks.

In the near future, Greur plans to continue seafaring, improving his blog, and learning. Later, Greur hopes to open an e-business with his wife and begin investing.

We are thankful for his contribution to advancing the seafaring community through his blog.

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