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How to Choose the Right End-to-End Service Provider

As the maritime industry adopts more technologically advanced systems and processes, one thing to consider is choosing an end-to-end service.

But what does “end-to-end” actually mean?

Defining end-to-end

E2E, the shorthand term for end-to-end, means that a platform, product, or service spans an entire vertical’s process. In the context of crewing in the shipping industry, it starts with manning services (i.e. sourcing and hiring seafarers, ticketing, etc.), extends to crew management and training via platforms and software, and assists in disembarking, retaining, and renewing contracts for seafarers to make crew managers’ lives easier.

1. End-to-end providers zone in and master a specific vertical

With that being said, an excellent end-to-end platform defines and refines its product or service for a specific vertical and ensures that it is easy to use and accessible for those who need to work together and collaborate, streamlining workflows and minimizing oversights and errors.

2. Horizontal collaboration should be easy and effortless and ties it all together

Another benchmark in choosing the right E2E service provider is its ability to integrate with other processes, services, and ERPs horizontally, especially since businesses work across different departments internally and externally. A provider’s capabilities to connect across different platforms will allow for easier collaboration and seamless communication, anytime and anywhere.

3. E2E services should allow seamless migration and adoption

The third point of consideration when adopting an end-to-end service is its ability to migrate old data and processes into newer ones. This enables shipping companies to either keep their existing processes in place or effortlessly migrate into newer processes and future-proof their systems.

Seafair: an advanced end-to-end crewing platform

These are just three of the many reasons why Seafair is proud to call itself an end-to-end crewing platform. Find, connect, and hire quality seafarers, effortlessly collaborate with internal and external partners like manning and ticketing agents, and effectively manage crew onboard a fleet of vessels and optimize operational costs all through the Seafair platform.

There are many more perks in choosing Seafair to be your next crewing platform, so if you’re interested in learning more about it, register here, and our team will get in touch with you with a free demo trial.


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