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Illia Poglod

Meet #facesofseafair Captain Illia who is from Ukraine. Inspired by his father, who is also a seafarer, Illia’s childhood dream was to become a Captain. He entered Odessa National Maritime Academy in 2008 and graduated with a Master’s degree. During his time at the Academy, he joined the cadetship program and has been at sea ever since. His goal was to one day wear the Captain’s shoes. Now, even after achieving his goal, Illia admits that he has more learning to do! With each new contract, Illia hopes to become more professional and to learn new skills. His last six contracts were on six different kinds of vessels, and he hopes to continue adding more vessel types and sizes to his toolbelt!

As Captain, Illia works with the Chief Officer and Engineer to plan for the day. He also communicates with other vessel stakeholders, like the owners and charters and completes the necessary paperwork. In addition, he routinely performs checks of the vessel condition and each department. Illia shows great trust in his crew by delegating some of the inspection work, too. He believes that seafarers are well-educated and professional workers, so they will maximize their productivity on board and should strive to be the best. For seafarers who have a dream to become Captain, he offers his advice: always set ambitious goals. His goals pushed him to study hard and persevere. He encourages aspiring Captains not to give up and to believe in their ability to make their dreams come true. In Illia’s opinion, seafaring is an ever-evolving profession, with new technology being implemented every day and limitless ways for crew members to improve and become more efficient. It is also a rewarding profession, with the unique opportunities to visit nearly every continent and work with and learn from a crew of many different nationalities. These, plus free time to play sports and connect with family and friends ashore, are the ingredients to some of Illia’s favorite trips as a seafarer so far. Illia found Seafair on Instagram a couple of months ago. He found it easy to create a profile online. Communicating with Seafair via email and over the phone also saved Ilia valuable vacation time. While Illia was spending precious time with family, we helped him secure his next vessel assignment - his first as a Master - and smoothly prepare for his trip. Join us in wishing Captain Illia calm seas as he embarks on his next journey! In the meantime, you can take advantage of our fully digital hiring process to move forward in your career too by clicking at this link.

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