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Jyan Pantoja

This spotlight is on #facesofseafair seafarer Jyan! Jyan is a 3rd Officer from the Philippines, but she is also the creator of a popular seafarer vlog, @ShefarersJournal. As the eldest in the family, Jyan had not considered a maritime profession until her family encouraged her to pursue seafaring. It took courage and persistence to complete training and to find a good company, but Jyan has not looked back since.

At sea, Jyan performs her favorite job: navigation. Although navigation can be really difficult, such as passing through a sea of fishing vessels in the China Sea, Jyan feels fulfilled when conquering close water situations. Instead, she suggests that the most difficult job is the job of the Chief Cook who has to please all of the crewmates!

Jyan reads, watches movies, and films and edits YouTube videos in her free time at sea. Her vlogs about the maritime industry raise awareness about life at sea, especially about a woman’s life at sea. She advises fellow female seafarers to be strong, mentally and emotionally, focus on their goals, and share kindness.

Now, stuck on land for months due to the pandemic, Jyan misses a life of travel and challenges. Although seafaring is not all rainbows, traveling around the world, and happiness on board, Jyan reminds all seafarers, those at sea and on land, to appreciate and enjoy life at sea.

It is messy, with greasy coveralls, sleepless nights, and loneliness, but, to Jyan, it is wonderful and worth the struggles.

In the future, Jyan hopes to obtain higher licensing, and hopefully return to Turkey for fantastic food and hospitality.

She is using Seafair to find fair seafaring opportunities. Join seafarers like Jyan by clicking this link.


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