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Ruslan Yukhimyuk

Say hello to third engineer and our #facesofseafair seafarer: Ruslan! Ruslan discovered at a very young age that he would follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who were both seafarers. For Ruslan, seafaring is a romantic job, and he enjoys all aspects of the work and being out at sea.

He has come a long way in his professional expertise. On his first contract as an oiler right out of university, Ruslan and his fellow cadets were told by the captain to pull up the anchor by hand. They followed the order, but, of course, the anchor was too heavy. Recognizing that they had been played a couple of hours later, they took the anchor up by mooring winch.

Now as a third engineer, he holds many responsibilities and welcomes more as part of his technical training. He maintains the generator, transfuel, purifier, and some air pump compressors, and he studies for the role of second engineer continuously. Ruslan is on track to become a chief engineer in the future. His advice for seafarers like him is to ask questions! Chief engineers and other officers have worked for a long time, so they will most likely have the solution for any trouble that arises. Seafarers in the rank above you are also the best people to learn from as you advance in your position.

At sea, Ruslan enjoys the luxuries of reading (usually manuals), playing computer games, and watching TV. Ruslan has traveled to numerous places including Australia, Canada, Europe, the US, Russia, Cameroon, and the Caribbean Islands, but his all-time favorite is Madagascar.

Ruslan hopes that Seafair can enable seafarers to seamlessly do what they love. Check out Seafair at this link and create a free account so that seafaring can find you.


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