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Simplify Manning Evaluation with Seafair

In the past 3 years, the maritime and crewing sectors have weathered numerous crises, including a global crew change crisis, pandemic aftermath, and war. This has stirred the industry into turmoil, making the process of finding reliable crew and forming partnerships with trustworthy manning agents significant challenges that can leave even the most seasoned professionals feeling adrift. Further, it's not just about securing the right seafarers for the vessels but retaining them and fostering a sense of belonging. Amid intense competition, shipping companies also face the intricate task of distinguishing themselves to attract much-needed, highly skilled talent in today's competitive market.

Having dependable manning partners to help through this crisis is a must; a manning agent should not only be able to screen fast the right talent for a fleet but also provide a good quality pool of seafarers to support the company’s retention goals. Additionally, offering clear and transparent processes as well as premium customer service should be on top of companies' requirements, so that they can get the support these difficult times demand.

We know that plenty of crew managers and shipowners feel like flowing through uncharted waters and while trying to face all these challenges, making the evaluation of potential partners a priority can be difficult to navigate.

At Seafair, we are here to make this process easy and fast for you. After working closely with many crew managers we created a simple, easy-to-use tool to empower crew departments to benchmark their manning agents against four key evaluation criteria: Selection, Processes, Costs, and Credentials.

The tool allows a crew manager to evaluate plenty of crucial components of the partnerships, like seafarer screening efficiency, retention rates, sourcing speed, operational excellence, transparency, costs, overall market credibility, certifications, and more. Using a straightforward scoring system, the benchmarking results can be obtained in only a few minutes.

Most shipping companies work with at least 2-3 manning agents on average, who should be audited every year to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Using such a tool could significantly streamline the auditing process and improve communication between the principals and the manning agencies. Based on these factors, the crew departments could potentially save hundreds of hours per year from manual checks and use the tool to obtain quicker problem resolutions.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many insights you can get! Finding the perfect partner doesn’t have to be complicated. We invite you to test the waters with us and see how the tool can work for you. Contact us at or ask for a demo here and we will make sure to send it right to your inbox!

Here's to great crew management and calm seas ahead with Seafair!


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