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Tips on How to Find, Recruit, and Keep Quality Seafarers

The seafarer market has been more competitive than ever. Finding quality, top-tier seafarers to join the market has been harder due to cross-border constraints. Keeping crew engaged to stay with a shipping company and renew their contract is an issue many crew managers are trying to solve across the maritime industry.

As part of Seafair’s mission to democratize crewing and make it more transparent, the company brings new approaches to manning in the shipping industry by empowering both crewing departments and seafarers alike.

For example, to engage seafarers around the world and build a robust pool of top-tier talent, Seafair has made it easier for potential crew members to upload and update their credentials and other details through a dedicated Seafarer Portal. From there, Seafair’s proprietary AI algorithm uses over 25 billion data points to help accurately match seafarers with vacancies provided by shipping companies.

Seafair is proud to say that our manning services address key problems that the industry is facing when it comes to manning. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Combating cross-border restrictions due to relevant issues

Putting together a crew has always meant having multiple nationalities onboard a vessel. However, with the ongoing war in Ukraine and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, sourcing seafarers from different parts of the world has been harder due to stricter cross-border requirements and safety concerns.

That being said, Seafair makes it easy for shipping companies to source their crew from more than 15 nationalities all while ensuring that getting them onboard complies with all regulations and restrictions. The software also takes into consideration the cultural mix of a vessel that allows it to run smoothly while sailing the seas.

Transparent review and understanding of each seafarer profile

It’s important to remember that crew members are more than just their rank and job description - they’re humans with history who come from different cultures and backgrounds with varied experiences onboard a ship and ashore.

With so many things to consider, fully reviewing and understanding each seafarer's profile is important to ensure that the correct hire is made. That’s where Seafair’s own AI algorithm comes into play. Using over 25 billion data points, the Seafair platform allows crew managers to find candidates who match not just their job description onboard, but as well as the crew mix of each vessel to help ensure recruiting and retention are high. This transparent view on recruitment allows for happier seafarers and crew managers.

Helping offer professional growth and competitive compensation

Aside from offering new job opportunities, seafarers are also looking for professional growth and competitive compensation, now more than ever. With the market for seafarers being competitive, compensation and wages have become equally competitive, especially when hiring experienced and qualified candidates.

Aside from that, however, seafarers are also looking for professional growth opportunities, from paths to promotions and further training. Given this new landscape, Seafair has also made it easy for crewing departments to assess each crew during their time onboard to see if they qualify for promotions as well as provide access to training that will help seafarers feel continuous growth in their careers.

Let Seafair help you find, recruit, and keep quality and top-tier seafarers today! We offer this comprehensive manning service that recruits from a pool of vetted candidates. When combined with Seafair’s crew management software, running a tight ship with happy seafarers becomes easy. Schedule a demo through this link and our team will reach out to you with your FREE 14-DAY TRIAL!


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