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Yegor Avramenko

Meet Yegor - an AB from Ukraine and #FacesOfSeafair seafarer. Yegor is a prime example of where hard work and adaptability will get you. He first started off as an OS in 2011. After his first couple of contracts, he earned additional certificates and was promoted to AB. In the meantime, Yegor studied for an officer’s license and will be taking the next steps to certify his knowledge.

With Yegor’s trajectory, he will soon be climbing the ladder to captain. Yet when Yegor made the decision to work at sea, he was studying acting. At the end of his fourth year, a family friend offered him space on a vessel. Understanding that he needed something to do, Yegor took up the offer and faced the difficult (but rewarding) life of a seafarer. His first contract went by and he took up a second one, but he had a hard time fitting in. Step by step, Yegor learned to appreciate the seafaring profession and accepted it as a stepping stone to his dreams. A long term bass guitar player, Yegor hopes that his decisions now will allow him to professionally play as part of a group later.

From his experience, Yegor believes that some of the factors that push seafarers away from the profession can be alleviated by good management of a vessel. Providing seafarers with good food, PPE, consistent pay, and adequate rest will drastically improve the morale of the crew. A good crew can also make things easier; you can meet new people, share life stories, and wine-and-dine in good company.

Above all, Yegor finds that the highlight of seafaring is mastering a job. He is happy with his work as a seafarer because he knows that he has become skilled in a challenging environment and has the confidence to learn what he does not yet know.

Finding highlights in seafaring, like advancing your skills or understanding how the planet works through travel or crewmates, as well as keeping in mind motivators, like wife, son, and family, can get seafarers through the roughest patches of seafaring.

Yegor offers his best of luck to the Seafair family, and we wish him the same in return.


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