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Enjoy a Seamless
Crewing Platform

Seafair's crew software offers a way to combine and access all data through a single platform.
By going live in just one week, your company won't even need to skip a bit - but will now run on much better software!

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Inquiring about:
  • Why is Seafair better than conventional ERPs?
    All in one place: Manage all agents (manning, ticketing, port) and seafarers in one platform Accessibility: Manage access rights for all users, who can access info 24/7 from anywhere; dedicated vessel app for crew onboard + SF app for crew anywhere Data infrastructure: Have all data in right format to build crew intelligence Compliance: Prove objective compliance to audits (TMSA; DBMS) & inspections Live in 1 week: Enjoy seamless integration with ERPs while having Seafair’s team best support in market Fair pricing: Test before you buy by requesting free trial/integration/migration/customization
  • How expensive is it?
    We offer a free trial, so you test before you decide to buy There is no implementation fee - we will take care of all the work, and you’ll only way after you start using the product Features are priced scalably, to be fair for shipping companies that may not have the scale to invest in technology Our price includes ongoing support and access to customizations Per vessel, we estimate that you can save $1K/monthly from: Lower crew opex (thanks to reporting & our salary benchmarking) Less emergencies (thanks to our notifications & crew changes tool) Less operational work (thanks to all our workflow automations)
  • Who are your clients?
    We work with shipowners and managers that manage a fleet of more than 500 vessels. Our clients manage mostly bulk carriers, containers, tankers and gas carriers, and most of our clients have their headquarters in Europe. We are proud partners of companies that lead the digital revolution in crewing and range from a few vessels to almost 100 vessels. You can get in touch with our team to ask for references.
  • How difficult is the transition from my current system?
    During the trial, we will ask your team to provide us with basic forms & seafarer data, that we will import to our system within 24hrs. Once you decide to use our platform, all our features can go live within 3 business days. This includes the activation of our vessel application, which is installed in your vessels remotely.
  • How are my employees and seafarers trained to use Seafair’s software?
    All users get immediate access to our documentation material. Thankfully, our platform is very intuitive, and most users onboard & ashore were able to start using it before we even held our first training (which is performed by our team in the first weeks of our collaboration).
  • Who can access the platform and where?
    With Seafair, you have the advantage of giving access to different users from your crewing ecosystem to collaborate with you. You can give different access rights to: Your crew managers and operators to access their respective fleets Technical, superintendents, training, HSQE to access/edit any seafarer information they need Seafarers onboard through our vessel app (gets installed remotely and saves data even when vessel does not have internet access), for MGA, rest-hrs, appraisals, etc. All seafarers in your pool through your own, customized seafarer portal, where your seafarers can see their contracts, tickets, upcoming lineups, payslips, appraisals, etc. Your manning agents - port agents - ticketing, who can upload data in your preferred format for you
  • How can I ensure my data is safe?
    Seafair is a venture-backed startup consisting of a multi-national team with previous experience at companies like Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg & Oracle. Our platform follows all maritime, national & international regulations and is supported by Google’s Cloud Platform, which encrypts all your data to keep it sage at all times. While you maintain control over your data, Seafair’s cloud platform ensures that you will continue having access to your current and historical data now and in the future, making potential future integrations or migrations a piece of cake. To date, our team has achieved a success rate of over 99% on data migrations.
  • Can I use Seafair on top of my current ERP?
    Yes. Even though our system shows its full potential when it’s used as standalone crew software, our team will build an integration to retrieve data from your ERP that you can manage at Seafair’s platform.
  • Can I get customizations to fit my needs?
    Yes. Our platform relies on scalable data architecture that allows us to provide customizations 10x faster than conventional ERPs in the industry. These customizations are offered to clients free of charge. Your dedicated Seafair team will consult with you if we believe that your requested customization may block or harm the quality of your workflows & data.
  • Can my seafarers use the platform onboard?
    Yes, our platform comes with a vessel app that is installed remotely on your vessels overnight and allows your seafarers onboard to interact with the platform. The app allows seafarers to save their data even when the vessel does not have access to the internet. Some details about the Vessel App: It is a desktop app that is installed locally on the computer of a vessel. Usually, the IT team of the shipCo performs the installation. There is no need to reinstall new versions; the software automatically retrieves updates. The installation only works on Windows, iOS is not supported. The data changes by the captain are only sync with the cloud once the vessel has an available internet connection set to “Connection status: Online” at the bottom left of the App and the user has clicked on the “SYNC” button after their latest changes.
  • How does Seafair ensure the safety and security of the information transferred and stored inside its software and systems?
    We have enforced a minimum access policy for our Google Cloud resources and have implemented our systems according to the best practices provided by Google, conducting monthly permission reviews. We conduct manual penetration testing (think of it like security audits) once per year and automated penetration testing using a bot upon new code deployment. Additionally, we perform data backups every 12 hours, which are accessible for up to 30 days in the past. That way, we ensure that your data is safely stored and can be retrieved at all times and under any circumstances.

The go-to place for everything crewing

Vessel & Pool Management

Have an updated overview of all your vessels and seafarers. Access important documents and forms instantly.

Customized Monitoring & Alerts

Never stay behind important deadlines and make cross team collaboration much easier with notifications and reminders.

Crew Competence Forms

Manage appraisals, promotions, briefings/debriefings and other forms through our platform after getting them 100% tailor made.

Optimized Recruitment

See your vacancies and candidates, conduct digital interviews and assessments and plan all your crew changes on time.

Automated Administration

Minimize data input and access digital contracts, payroll, rest hours, reports and seafarer's e-wallets, all in the same place.

Why use Seafair on top of your ERP

Connects all departments of a shipping company together

Acts like a big data warehouse, where users input information & need to travel in different corridors to retrieve it


Makes work on crew-related workflows easier & error-free, reducing backlogs & emergencies, and improving performance

Bridges the gap between crew department & external partners

Seafair coexists with ERP

Seafair's added value

Workflows that work properly

Ensure your manual processes work in practice to avoid typical problems like appraisal backlogs, missing documents, erroneous seafarer data

Insightful reporting

Seafair canonicalizes all crewing data, allowing you to generate any report in seconds

Nail your TMSA/DBMS

Not only help you stay on top of all seafarer-related matters, but also help you objectively prove to auditors/inspectors that your operations are objectively sound

Direct contact with your partners

Give restricted access to the platform to all your partners - manning/port/ticketing agents, and of course, your seafarers!


crewing backlogs


SF retention


crew emergencies


inspection/ audit ready

Try our free 14-day trial today

We work with your IT to resolve any required migrations & integrations
Our agreement covers all data security & GDPR topics
Packages start from $50/vessel monthly; no minimum contract required
We provide the most responsive support & a set of customizations for free

Make crewing your competitive advantage

Frequently Asked Questions

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