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Enjoy a Seamless
Crewing Platform

Seafair's crew software offers a way to combine and access all data through a single platform.
By going live in just one week, your company won't even need to skip a bit - but will now run on much better software!

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The go-to place for everything crewing

Vessel & Pool Management

Have an updated overview of all your vessels and seafarers. Access important documents and forms instantly.

Customized Monitoring & Alerts

Never stay behind important deadlines and make cross team collaboration much easier with notifications and reminders.

Crew Competence Forms

Manage appraisals, promotions, briefings/debriefings and other forms through our platform after getting them 100% tailor made.

Optimized Recruitment

See your vacancies and candidates, conduct digital interviews and assessments and plan all your crew changes on time.

Automated Administration

Minimize data input and access digital contracts, payroll, rest hours, reports and seafarer's e-wallets, all in the same place.

Why use Seafair on top of your ERP

Connects all departments of a shipping company together

Acts like a big data warehouse, where users input information & need to travel in different corridors to retrieve it


Makes work on crew-related workflows easier & error-free, reducing backlogs & emergencies, and improving performance

Bridges the gap between crew department & external partners

Seafair coexists with ERP

Seafair's added value

Workflows that work properly

Ensure your manual processes work in practice to avoid typical problems like appraisal backlogs, missing documents, erroneous seafarer data

Insightful reporting

Seafair canonicalizes all crewing data, allowing you to generate any report in seconds

Nail your TMSA/DBMS

Not only help you stay on top of all seafarer-related matters, but also help you objectively prove to auditors/inspectors that your operations are objectively sound

Direct contact with your partners

Give restricted access to the platform to all your partners - manning/port/ticketing agents, and of course, your seafarers!


crewing backlogs


SF retention


crew emergencies


inspection/ audit ready

Try our free 14-day trial today

We work with your IT to resolve any required migrations & integrations
Our agreement covers all data security & GDPR topics
Packages start from $50/vessel monthly; no minimum contract required
We provide the most responsive support & a set of customizations for free

Make crewing your competitive advantage

Frequently Asked Questions

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