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How to Recruit Top-Quality Seafarers and Crew

Hiring Top-Quality Seafarers to Get Aboard

Finding the right talent for your crew can be challenging. Not only do crew managers consider experience, rank, and tenure, but they also have to take into account factors such as nationality, time onboard, professional track record and history, and if a seafarer is compliant and up-to-date with his training. And that list doesn’t even include the soft skills that need to be vetted!

It’s easy to rely on a manning agent, but most times, transparency is not 100% throughout the process because quotas need to be met; meanwhile, directly recruiting and interviewing seafarers entails more work to be done, depending on each potential crew member’s country of origin and other factors.

That’s why it’s important to know where to find top-quality seafarers and recruit them effectively. As experts in end-to-end crewing, Seafair also provides a transparent manning service that helps ship companies connect and recruit top talent. We know that the hiring market is competitive and confusing, so here are some tips to make it better for you:

1. Offer competitive perks and compensation packages

  • Life at sea means spending time away from home and family, on top of other risks. That’s why having a compelling compensation offer allows you to attract and sign seafarers who are dedicated to the role and remain so throughout their contract. Having bonuses and perks onboard, such as satellite connectivity, increases the likelihood for crew to stay onboard, renew their contract, and even recommend your company to other reliable seafarers in their circle.

2. Be specific about seafarer vacancy requirements

  • Knowing what ranks are open for recruitment is basic, but it’s also important to provide detailed work descriptions and expectations for each post. In doing so, you eliminate candidates who are not ready to go onboard a certain contract and the terms of engagement and expectations are clear between you and the seafarer.

3. Show the professional growth in your company

  • Most seafarers feel like there may be no progress in each contract since they might get stuck doing the same thing. One way to attract quality talent is to show career progression and provide avenues for them to enhance their skills, whether its through training, further education, or other opportunities. Not only do you attract great talent, you also get to retain seafarers onboard your company as they grow alongside you.

4. Assess each crew as much as possible

  • Taking some time to look into their work history and how they’ve interacted with other crew members and prior contracts can give you a glimpse into whether or not a seafarer will fit in with your company and existing crew, especially if you’re recruiting for a reliever. Understand that while experience and knowledge can be an advantage, a potential crew member’s soft skills can make or break an entire ship’s experience when working together.

5. Work and partner with reputable manning agencies and recruiters

  • With all of the above being said, there are reputable manning agencies,recruiters, and platforms that can help make the process easier for you. What shipping companies need to look for in partner manning agencies are transparency, seafarer network, recruitment track record, and a solid vetting process — all of which Seafair provides to every single company and vessel we’ve partnered with to provide quality seafarers.

The search for top-tier talent to go on board and sail the seas is a journey in and of itself, but it doesn’t have to be rough sailing. Try out Seafair’s manning services and instantly gain access to over 200,000 seafarer profiles across 15 nationalities and different ranks, all vetted by our platform and can be matched based on your needs.

And it doesn’t stop there! Seafair also offers an effective crew management system that helps monitor and track all your crew’s paperwork, training, and documentation, and helps facilitate payroll and further training too!

If you’re interested in checking out this end-to-end crewing service, sign up to get a quick demo of what Seafair has to offer and get a 14-day FREE TRIAL today!


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