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Leading the Change: Captain Yuriy Moskalenko’s Professional Growth with Seafair

Face of Captain Yuriy Moskalenko

An Extensive Seafaring Career: Yuriy's Early Years from Cadet to Captain

Captain Yuriy Moskalenko embarked on his seafaring journey over three decades ago, starting with his education at a high-engineering marine school. With 36 years of experience at sea, including 23 years as a captain, his career has been defined by commitment and continuous learning.

Beginning his career as a cadet on the Titan 2, a heavy-lift Catamaran vessel,

Captain Yuriy quickly learned the ropes and rose through the ranks. His early experiences on various vessels equipped him with the skills needed to eventually lead as a captain, emphasizing the importance of safety and effective communication.

Leadership at the Helm: How being a Captain Changed through the Years

In his role as a Captain, Yuriy shares how being one back then was very different to being one today. In the past, navigation wasn't that easy, but due to great improvements in vessel electronics such as GPS and GDPS, things are now different. Yuriy chuckles while mentioning that being a Captain can sometimes resemble being a secretary, acting as the link between the office and the crew. Despite his lighthearted tone, he underscores the importance of overseeing his crew and guaranteeing the seamless functioning of the vessel. His primary concern lies in prioritizing the safety of both his crew and the ship.

His approach to leadership has also adapted over the years, with a greater emphasis now on strategic management and maintaining compliance with modern maritime regulations.

Advancing Careers: Yuriy's View on Working with Seafair

Captain Yuriy's experience with Seafair marked a significant turning point in his career. His first contract with Seafair demonstrated efficiency and responsiveness, particularly in handling certifications and crew management. He mentions that Seafair has played a key role in advancing his career at sea smoothly.

Seafair's support and efficient management have made a significant difference in how I approach my role as a Captain.

It's a great communication and working with excellent operators that made Yuriy satisfied with Seafair. With special mentions to Kseniia, Yuliya, and Veronika, he highlights the professional growth of his crew and the seamless support from Seafair’s team as he excitedly shared how he worked with Seafair on the prolongations of contracts as well as promotions of Filipino crew onboard.

Making an Impact on Maritime Careers with Seafair

Through Seafair, Captain Moskalenko found not only a job but also a platform that supported his professional development comprehensively. His experiences with Seafair's responsive team, continuous support, detailed attention to crew readiness, and efficient handling of certifications underscored the platform's dedication to its seafarers.

This partnership has allowed him to leverage his leadership skills more effectively, ensuring a safer and more efficient working environment for his crew.

Advance in your maritime career with Seafair and take advantage of a digital platform that fosters both your professional goals and personal well-being. Let Seafair lead you towards your next exciting opportunity at sea!


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