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A Path to Career Growth: Second Engineer Ievgen Kuzmenkov's Experience with Seafair

A Family Legacy Turned Personal Passion: The Roots of Ievgen's Seafaring Career

Ievgen's path to becoming a seafarer began in 2010, deeply influenced by his family. With a lineage of seafarers including his father and grandfather, Ievgen was drawn to the sea. But it was more than a family tradition; it was a personal choice driven by the love for travel and new experiences.

Challenges and Responsibilities: The Passion of Ievgen as a Second Engineer

As a 2nd Engineer, Ievgen’s days are filled with challenges that keep his job exciting and fulfilling. Each day is a new puzzle, a new problem to solve, making his role crucial and rewarding. For Ievgen, the joy of his job lies in the responsibility he shoulders and the pride he feels in being an integral part of the ship’s crew.

A Digital Shift: Transitioning to Seafair

Ievgen worked at a traditional manning agency for about 7 years. At that time, he felt the challenges of his career growth until he discovered Seafair which marked a significant shift in his career.

I made it to Seafair and I’m happy to be here. That gives me the perspective and attitude of the digital manning agencies, the best experience ever.

His experience at a traditional manning agency and digital manning agency such as Seafair, gave him the perspective and attitude of the new era of manning agencies. Seafair's digital platform offered him a more efficient and flexible way to manage his professional life. His interactions with Seafair, especially with his Operations Manager Irina, were marked by efficiency and support, contrasting sharply with his previous experiences in the traditional manning agencies.

The Future of Manning Agencies: Ievgen's Outlook on Digitalization

Ievgen’s experience is a testament to the evolving nature of the maritime industry. With digital platforms like Seafair leading the change, the future of seafaring looks more connected, efficient, and tailored to the needs of modern seafarers. Ievgen believes that this digital transformation is not just a trend but the future of the maritime employment landscape.

Advancing Careers with Seafair

Seafair is your gateway to a similar path of advancement and success. Our platform is designed for seafarers who, like Ievgen, seek to navigate their careers with autonomy and efficiency. Seafair enables you to explore new horizons, face exciting challenges, and achieve professional growth in an industry that's constantly evolving.

Begin Your Journey with Seafair and take control of your maritime career. Join us in charting a course toward a future where your skills, experience, and ambitions are recognized and nurtured.


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