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✉️ March Updates, Seafarer Stories and new Seafair APIs! 🌟

As April starts to unfold, our updates continue with unwavering excitement. 🚢

In this edition of our newsletter, you can expect to read all about:

➡️ Celebrating yet another successful seafarer dispatch from our Manila office 🌏

➡️ Insights from our participation in the Norwegian-Greek Maritime Innovation Summit, organized by ORIANI and featuring our CEO on an influential panel ⚓️

➡️A gallery of stunning photos shared by our seafarers

from aboard our clients' vessels 📸

➡️The latest updates on our product, the Seafair APIs, paving the way for a more interconnected maritime environment 🌐

We thank you for your continued support and to those celebrating, we wish you a joyful and peaceful Easter. 🐣


We Couldn't Be Prouder of Our Seafarers! 🌟

Seafarers in Manila office waiting to depart

Since the year's start, our Manila office has been a hive of activity 🐝, launching numerous seafarers on new voyages 🚢. We extend our deepest thanks to our clients, partners and seafarers for their trust in finding for them the right onboard placements.

Our seafarers' resilience, working away from their families under tough conditions to propel global commerce 🌍, is truly inspiring. We're eager to welcome more seafarers, driven by our continuous commitment to transparency and equal opportunities 🤝.

We're all about celebrating the successes 🎉 and facing the challenges together. To our departing seafarers, we wish you smooth sailing and safe journeys 🌊. We will be waiting for you along with many new opportunities!


Through the Lens of Our Crew🌅🤝

Photos of the sea and the bridge of a vessel.

Every picture tells a story, and the stunning photos we receive from our seafarers aboard our client vessels 🚢 are no exception. Capturing the sea's mesmerizing beauty 🌊, these images offer a glimpse into a world unlike any seen from office windows.

They highlight not just the challenges seafarers face but also the breathtaking moments nature gifts them. Each photo shared 📸 reminds us of our strong, supportive bond with our seafarers, who feel at ease sharing snapshots of their life at sea. Their eagerness to share and our team's readiness to support them showcase a deep, professional connection 🤝.

A huge thanks to ETO Ristic, 2E Lukyanov, and 2E Kuzmenkov, for taking the time to share their pictures, despite their busy schedules 📸 We eagerly await more photos; each one brightens our day and strengthens our community spirit. Keep them coming!


🚢Navigating Excellence: Seafair's Impactful Presence

at the Maritime Innovation Summit ⚓️

Seafair's CEO speaking at a panel in ORIANI's event

We recently wrapped up an exhilarating participation at the Norwegian-Greek Maritime Innovation Summit, #NavigatingExcellence. Our CEO, Agapitos Diakogiannis, took center stage on the “Crew & Training” panel, where he showcased "Data in Action: Optimized Decision Making in Crewing."

This presentation underlined Seafair's dedication to enhancing crew management through advanced technology and data, ensuring the safety and prosperity of seafarers.

A heartfelt thanks to ORIANI for hosting this landmark event that brought together maritime experts from Norway, Iceland, and Greece. The discussions on vessel performance, fuel optimization, and crew well-being were not only enriching but pivotal for the industry's future. We're grateful for the opportunity to share our insights and are eager to continue these important dialogues in future gatherings. 📊💡


Product Updates: APIs are Here and Ready to Transform Maritime Connectivity!🖥️

A photo announcing Seafair APIs

Seafair APIs are here and we couldn't be more excited! This is a big leap in maritime that's changing how we connect and manage data 🌐💾. 

We're moving past old ERP systems to bring you smarter, interconnected solutions 🔗. These updates make managing seafarer data easier, integrating smoothly with ERPs and training platforms 📊.

Our CTO, Byron Antoniades, shares in this official announcement, our vision for a clear and open maritime world 🌍. With Seafair's innovations, we're making operations more efficient and responsive⚡.

Stay tuned for more from Seafair, all designed with our maritime community in mind!


Eager to explore how Seafair is transforming crew management software?

Jump on board! 🚀👇

Till next time!

Your Seafair Partners


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