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Aleksei Prividion's Voyage with Seafair: A Smooth Sailing Experience

Aleksei Prividion, a Second Engineer since 2008, comes from a family of seafarers. Initially planning to work in agro-industry, he changed his mind and followed his family's maritime tradition. His father helped him start working with crewing agencies before he found Seafair.

Seafair contacted Aleksei by email, offering job positions. Their personalized approach caught his attention, and he decided to join the platform. After sending his documents and completing an easy interview process, he started working with Seafair.

Throughout his experience, Aleksei enjoyed the great support and communication from Irina and Yulia. The whole embarkation, payment, and interview processes were smooth, showing Seafair's dedication to providing the best experience for its seafarers.

Seafair offers many benefits to seafarers, such as personalized job matching, development opportunities like a 50% subsidy on COC/STCW renewal after three contracts, and the ability to update their profile and preferences anytime.

Aleksei trusts Seafair deeply. Instead of searching for jobs on other platforms, he relies on Seafair to provide him with suitable offers. The open communication and solid support from Seafair's team have created loyalty and confidence in the services.

Seafair's digital platform helps seafarers find jobs at sea and manage their careers. The platform allows you to find the most suitable positions and principals easily, thanks to Seafair's advanced algorithms. It also helps to stay in control of the next contracts, making the job search process more efficient.

In Aleksei's words, his experience with Seafair has been very positive. From the first contact to ongoing support, he appreciates the easy process and strong communication provided by the team. He is especially grateful for the timely payments and bonuses, ensuring financial stability for himself and his family.


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