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Balancing Tides: How Seafair Helped Chief Officer Oleksandr Arnaut Anchor Work and Family Life

The Allure of the Sea: Oleksandr's Motive to Become a Seafarer

Oleksandr started his seafaring career at the age of 18, accumulating 17 years of experience at sea till now. Starting as a Messman and rising through the ranks to become a Chief Officer- his story mirrors a relentless pursuit and the will to advance, one which marks a true seafarer.

He never saw the thrill in office jobs and chose to be a seafarer. He loved the dynamic nature of seafaring, and unlike a typical desk job, working at sea meant new experiences and people to meet. This constant change and the opportunity to see different parts of the world and meet many people, were a significant reason for him to choose this career.

Oleksandr's Global Voyage: Blending Culture and Crew Welfare

In his role as Chief Officer, Oleksandr has embarked on a journey that transcends mere geography; it's an enriching cultural experience. Working alongside international crews, he's immersed himself in a tapestry of global cultures and lifestyles, gaining insights from the Philippines to global weather patterns. But his role extends beyond professional duties. Recognizing the mental and physical demands on his crew, Oleksandr prioritizes their welfare. He transforms Sundays into days of rest and communal bonding, with activities like barbecues and games. This initiative reflects his dedication to fostering not just a productive but a harmonious and balanced environment on board.

Seafaring in a Digital Era: Oleksandr's Experience on Digitalization with Seafair

Oleksandr’s transition to working with Seafair marked a significant turn in his career. Amidst personal challenges, such as the conflict in Ukraine, Seafair's digital platform provided a beacon of support and flexibility. He noted how modern solutions like Seafair are redefining the maritime industry, making it more accessible and responsive to the needs of seafarers.

He also highlights Seafair's 24/7 support even after he onboarded the vessel.

Seafair has 24/7 support. When I have some questions, I can just message and call and I get a reply all the time.

This aspect is very important for him since most of crewing agencies forget about the seafarers - not contacting them after boarding the vessel. But with Seafair, he can communicate through apps such as WhatsApp and Skype and get a reply to his queries ASAP.

Seafair's Digital Revolution: Balancing Work and Life for Seafarers, as Told by Oleksandr

Oleksandr's journey with Seafair illuminates the transformative impact of digitalization in the maritime industry, especially for seafarers striving to balance career and family. Seafair's innovative platform has redefined his professional life, enabling him to spend cherished quality time with his family, a significant stride in addressing the long-standing challenge of prolonged separations common in seafaring. His experiences and insights highlight the platform's effectiveness in aligning with the evolving needs of maritime professionals. Oleksandr’s story is a powerful endorsement of Seafair, underscoring its commitment to enhancing both professional growth and personal well-being through digital advancements. He invites fellow seafarers to embrace Seafair, experience its benefits, and witness first-hand the positive changes digitalization brings to their maritime careers.

Now is your chance to chart a similar course for yourself. Seafair isn't just a digital crewing platform; it's a gateway to a more connected, supported, and fulfilling seafaring life.

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