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Chief Engineer Sergiy

Welcome, Sergiy, to #facesofseafair! Sergiy is a Chief Engineer from Ukraine. He comes from a long tradition of engineers - beginning with his great grandfather working as a steam locomotive driver.

From early on, Sergiy approached his maritime career strategically. He knew that shipping companies would always prefer young and experienced seafarers. So, from the get-go, he made sure to secure contracts on different vessel types. This allowed him to gain the valuable experience of working with various engines. Getting first contracts was always challenging. A lot of people get them through their acquaintances. And a big part of it is luck. Sergiy advises not to get discouraged and keep trying. Sergiy also urges young seafarers not to romanticize their careers. A vessel in good condition and a professional crew is all there is to a good voyage. And long-awaited return home to family and friends is the only thing one strives to while onboard.

Throughout his career, Sergiy had many adventures. When he was a 2nd Engineer, Sergiy got a chance to explore Bahamian Islands full of beautiful beaches, pirate-themed museums, forts, and caves.

Over a year ago, he also encountered one of the scariest adventures in his seafarer career. He was awoken at 2 am on a stormy night with the news of flooding. An old pipe broke in the engine room. He remembers everyone was taking turns to close the opening with their hands. After a long night of work, they finally managed to fix the problem at 7 am.

In the future, Sergiy hopes to work on bigger ships. He shared that the larger the ship, the more complicated his job will become. And he is up for the challenge.

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