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🌟 Inside June: Seafair's Innovations & Buzz from Posidonia 2024!🗞️

As June winds down, our momentum here at Seafair is stronger than ever. 🌟

In this month's newsletter, we're excited to share:

➡️ Fresh updates from our Manila office while celebrating International Seafarers Day, keeping you connected with our dynamic team. 📄

➡️ Highlights from Seafair's feature in the Greek press and our presence at Posidonia 2024, the premier shipping exhibition in Greece. 📰🚢

➡️ The latest product enhancements designed to streamline user experiences

and boost efficiency. ⚙️

Let's set sail into July, ready for new challenges and opportunities in the maritime world! 🌊


🤝Connect & Innovate: Discover Seafair’s Highlights from Posidonia 2024 🌊

Collage for Posidonia24

Posidonia week was nothing short of spectacular, wrapped up in the excitement and innovation that only Seafair events can bring! 🎉 The Athenian Riviera sparkled with summer magic as we co-hosted the WaveMakers event alongside pioneering partners such as Harbor Lab, Ninety Percent of Everything (90POE), DeepSea Technologies, Procureship, Vsltec, and Orca AI. It was a night to remember, celebrating the brilliant minds shaping the future of maritime technology. We were thrilled by the innovative discussions and the passion for change evident in every conversation. 🚢✨

Earlier in the week, our Manila team made the long journey to join us, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. We clinked glasses with esteemed shipping and crewing professionals, sharing insights and forging new partnerships. A huge thank you to everyone who joined us; your presence made these evenings truly remarkable. 🌟🥂

As we look back at a productive Posidonia week, we're already looking forward to the next gatherings where we can continue to promote innovation and drive the industry forward. Thank you all for riding this wave of networking and innovation with us! See you at the next event! 💙🌊


💙Saluting Seafarers: A Day of Global Gratitude and

Local Triumph 🎉

Collage of Seafarers ready to travel

On June 25th, we celebrated International Seafarers Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the essential role seafarers play in our world. 🌊🚢

At Seafair, this celebration is twofold: we honor the brave souls who traverse the oceans and also celebrate another successful dispatch from our Manila office!

Our seafarers' dedication is pivotal in connecting and sustaining global trade, embodying resilience and commitment every day. We’re proud to support them by providing fair opportunities that respect their hard work and sacrifice. 💙🧑‍✈️

This day also marks our ongoing commitment to fairness and opportunity in the maritime industry, ensuring every seafarer knows their value in the vast network that keeps our world moving. Here's to the unsung heroes of the seas! 🎉🚀


🖥️ June Highlights: Enhanced Approval Configurations for Optimal Crew Line-ups! ⚓️

Product Updates Logo

We're excited to announce a major update to our Approval Flow feature in our crew management software, enhancing how shipping companies manage their crew lineups. 🚀🚢

Here’s what’s new:

  1. Comprehensive Approval Flow Configurations: We now support tailored approval flow templates for specific processes, ranks, and vessel matches, ensuring that each crew lineup meets precise operational needs.

2. Dynamic Approval Instances: Our system now autonomously creates and tracks approval instances based on the specific needs of each crew lineup, complete with step-specific approvers for streamlined decision-making.

3. Custom Instance Creation: Users can now initiate custom approval instances when no preset configurations match, with the added capability to save these as templates for future use.

4. Enhanced User Dialogs and Notifications: We've redesigned user dialogs for better clarity and relocated action buttons for improved usability. Notifications keep all stakeholders informed throughout the approval process.

We are proud of these advancements and thankful to everyone involved in this feature enhancement. Discover how these updates can revolutionize your crew management by visiting our website today! 🌐✨


✨Innovating at Sea: Seafair's Feature on 🚢 

Photo of Seafair's new team member Paris

We're in the Spotlight! 💙

We are excited to announce our latest feature in, penned by Natassa Fragkouli, showcasing our innovative solutions to the global maritime crew shortage. 💪 In just four years, Seafair has revolutionized crew management for shipping companies, utilizing advanced technology to ensure efficient vessel operations. 💻

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported and believed in our vision, helping to establish Seafair as a reliable partner in the maritime industry. As we look to the future, we are dedicated to:▶️ Continuously delivering top-notch services to our clients▶️ Promoting sustainable success across the maritime sector▶️ Pioneering global maritime operations.


A huge thank you to Natassa Fragkouli and for the wonderful coverage!✍️ Stay connected for more exciting updates! 🔜 and if you are curious about our work, visit our website to learn more about how Seafair is leading maritime innovation. 🌐


Curious about how Seafair is revolutionizing crew management? Join us and experience the transformation! 🚀👇

Till next time!

Your Seafair Partners


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