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Is Your Shipping Company Ready for the Future?

Seafarer managing vessel crew via laptop
Is Your Shipping Company Ready for the Future?

The maritime industry is quickly changing the way it works, with regulating bodies and companies learning and adopting more modern practices found in other industries.

While the industry is currently at the younger stages of its innovative revolution, ship companies, their managers, and even seafarers and crew in the maritime field should prepare to and start getting ahead of the curve by integrating themselves in the more modern practices that will soon be the norm in the maritime industry.

Here are some key considerations that you should take into account in order to assess whether or not your shipping company is future-proof:

1. Have you cut down on your carbon footprint?

  • Many countries and regulatory boards are rewarding shipping companies who make an effort to go green and reduce its carbon footprint, while also putting pressure and even sanctioning those who are choosing not to reduce their emissions coming from their fleets.

  • Consider adopting or transitioning into newer technologies and discoveries that help in providing low carbon fuels, using more streamlined hulls, and creating more efficient voyage planning in order to decrease fuel consumption.

  • By going green, you can expect to not only protect your company from impending tariffs and newer regulations, but also cut down on operational costs in the long run.

2. Are you collaborating with all involved departments and stakeholders online and offline?

  • With satellite internet accessibility becoming more cost-efficient and reliable, collaborating with different departments across your fleet is now becoming a standard that ensures operational efficiency.

  • Staying on top of company and crewing requirements can be the crucial difference in not only passing compliance audits, but also signing on bigger businesses for a shipping company.

3. Have you started planning globally?

  • Companies are starting to hire talent from all over the world, allowing them access to top-tier crew. While this would have been a pain to manage in the past, the rapid digitization of processes has made it easier and more convenient to source and bring seafarers from around the world onboard a ship.

  • Having access to a multi-cultural team gives you the flexibility to manage different border situations, enabling seamless operations

These are just three key points to consider when it comes to ensuring the modernization of your fleet. Start by assessing which aspects of your business can be digitized, then a simple online search will be a good start to find tools and resources to make it happen.

Seafair is just one of many modern maritime-industry related tools you can consider, given that it digitizes the end-to-end crew recruitment and management processes. Our manning services quickly connect you to hundreds of thousands of vetted seafarers across 15 nationalities that suit your needs from captains, engineers, cooks, and more. Seafair also offers an easy-to-use, fully-customizable crew management software to help you stay on top of each vessel’s crew, effortlessly collaborating and facilitating tasks within and across different departments.

Discover what more Seafair can do for your shipping company and schedule a demo and get a free 14-day trial today!


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