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Modernizing Maritime Crewing: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Try Seafair

Crew Manager using Seafair software for easy end-to-end crew recruitment and management

Seafair is one of the up-and-coming maritime tech companies on the block that’s making waves to help bring modernization and digitization into the maritime industry. Many shipping companies and seafarers are used to using with processes and software systems that have barely changed over the years, and we think it’s time to go full speed ahead, and we're starting by revolutionizing the maritime crewing scene.

1. Seafair is an end-to-end, easy-to-use manning service provider AND crew management software

Most shipping companies, and especially crew managers, know the tedious tasks that need to be done before a vessel can set sail with qualified seafarers on board. There’s the coordination with a manning agency and its agents, the interview process, vetting all the credentials, making the offer, and planning tickets and visas for embarkation. And that’s just seafarer recruitment.

Crew managers need to also manage everything that goes on the ship even when it sets sail, from monitoring time onboard, facilitating crew changes when needed, processing payroll, and conducting compliance and performance audits to name a few. It takes a lot of time, effort, and coordination with different departments just to make things run smoothly.

That’s why Seafair automates and digitizes the entire package and acts as an all-in-one for crew manning and management service. We act as a manning service provider that connects crew managers to thousands of qualified profiles that fit their needs. From there, we connect that data to an accessible platform that helps manage each seafarer on board a vessel to perform crew changes, processing payroll, and conducting compliance and performance audits. It’s simple and easy, and takes out all the manual work out of the typical siloed processes of crew management.

2. Collaborate effortlessly with other departments and stakeholders

With many different moving pieces to crew recruitment and management, it’s natural that there are different departments and stakeholders involved in every process, and aligning and syncing up with them can mean trying to make sense of a tangled web of connections. That’s why Seafair has made it easy for crew managers to assign and notify necessary individuals the tasks that they need to do to perform things like crew changes, audits, and performance evaluations.

For example the Seafair platform provides dedicated portals for manning agents to help facilitate recruitment and changes, while a different accessible site can be entered to manage the Masters General Account for payroll. All of this is facilitated by crew managers with their own portal accessible at any time, anywhere, and it also allows them to send notifications to different individuals for easy communications. Working with different departments has never been easier.

3. Fill vacancies with up to 200,000 seafarer profiles across 15 different nationalities

Aside from the platform that helps shipping companies manage their vessels, Seafair also connects them to thousands of seafarer profiles which our system vets and recommends qualified matches based on experience and work history. Hire crew from more than 15 different nationalities across different ranks to ensure that everyone onboard a ship can sail smoothly together.

4. Easily monitor and manage your fleet’s crew

Seafair prides itself on putting a massive importance on great user interface and experience. From the start of recruitment all the way to managing audits and more, the design of our system has every crew manager and shipping owner in mind. Easily see who needs to be relieved off a vessel and who will be taking over to manage turnovers all on one dashboard, while also being able to access their detailed profiles to help assess seafarer quality and provide promotions or training to increase retention, or help find a similar profile for replacement. It’s that easy.

5. Partner with a passionate and dedicated team who wants to revolutionize the maritime industry

Our team is composed of high-caliber talent who come from different tech and maritime industry backgrounds. The Seafair team is knowledgeable and capable, and very eager to create new solutions to innovate and change the industry in ways that it needs. We act fast, we’re open to collaboration, and we’re excited to help change the way shipping companies and crew managers do their crewing so that they have more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Being involved in the maritime industry and sailing the seas means that there’s always going to have that innate sense of exploration and adventure. Be one of the first to venture alongside Seafair into changing the decades-old platforms and processes shipping companies use and revolutionize the way the industry sails forward.

If you’re still not convinced, connect with us and schedule a free demo and get a FREE 14-DAY TRIAL and see how Seafair can help modernize and digitize your shipping company’s crewing in no time. All it takes is a few minutes to fill up this form and one of our amazing team members will reach out to you!


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