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Ivan Varuk

Welcome Chief Engineer Ivan to #facesofseafair! Ivan is the first in his family to pursue a career in the maritime industry. With the encouragement of his friend, he joined a maritime academy to study marine engineering. While his first job as a wiper was difficult, he now enjoys his job as a chief engineer. His responsibilities range from learning about new technologies on the ship, to repairing mechanisms, to responding to emergency situations.

On his last contract, the main switchboard in the engine room erupted in fire due to a weather leak in the control room. His engine team performed a full blackout, stopping the generators and engine to troubleshoot the problem before restarting the entire system.

Ivan encourages aspiring seafarers not to be afraid of the job. Despite trying times like during emergencies and challenging weather conditions, there are resources available to help seafarers perform their jobs well, including your team and your superintendent. It’s also important to be good team players. Ivan’s ideal engineering team is composed of seafarers who like their job, like working with their sleeves rolled up, are honest and friendly, and prioritize safety.

In the future, Ivan hopes to pursue the superintendent position and to revisit some of his favorite coastal cities in the world with his family.

We at Seafair are hard at work helping seafarers like Ivan secure future opportunities while freeing up time for seafarers to spend with family and on learning. Join us in wishing Ivan smooth sailing, and join the Seafair network to get matched with the best jobs from top shipping companies!


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