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Jochrimar Flores

Jochrimar is a second officer from the Philippines, proud dad of Rita Flores, and our #facesofseafair seafarer. He is a passionate seafarer whose goal is to become a captain and to continue supporting his family financially.

To become a seafarer, Jochrimar stresses the importance of having the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to survive at sea. Jochrimar graduated with a bachelors in marine transportation at Capitol University to prepare for his career as a seafarer. He also underwent training for STCW and other requirements on ships. After one year as a cadet, six years as a rating, and four years as a junior officer, Jochrimar has built up a positive attitude that he hopes will help him be a good husband and father and a successful mariner.

Three years ago, Jochrimar married Maria. It is thought that a relationship can be the number 1 enemy of a seafarer, but cooperation, technology, and dedication can enable a seafarer to continue sailing the seven seas.

Jochrimar loves his work. His favorite challenge as a navigating officer is making a passage plan. It requires patience and detailed attention. His other duties include fixing the position of the ship, performing other navigational calculations, and compiling reports for the master. He also assists the chief officer in the supervision of cargo handling work and performs inspections. Jochrimar performs another important task at sea: acting as a health officer. After many hardships and waking up at odd hours for night shifts, Jochrimar enjoys Saturday nights when the crew celebrates, the chief prepares special foods and drinks, and everyone sings, relaxes, and feels happy.

As a seafarer, Jochrimar had the opportunity to visit the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. In its presence, he was wowed by its historical significance. In the future, he hopes to visit Israel. We look forward to Jochrimar’s future successes and travels. Passionate seafarers like Jochrimar using the Seafair platform to advance in their careers. Join him by clicking the link here.


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