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Maritime Milestones: ETO Andriy Kletsov's Journey to Modern Seafaring with Seafair

Two and a Half Decades at Sea: Andriy's Seafaring Journey

Starting in 1998, ETO Andriy Kletsov embarked on a career that would take him far from home. He reflects on the unpredictability of life that led him to the sea, a path he hadn't envisioned in his early university days. Andriy career as a seafarer spans over 25 years. His wealth of experience includes working on various vessels.

Overcoming Challenges: Andriy's Early Challenges as a Seafarer

Andriy dives into the gritty details of his first job at seas a cadet, the arduous cycle of the sea—working in relentless shifts, cleaning and caging fish. Andriy speaks candidly about the disappointments and the adjustments he had to make early in his career which led him to seek other opportunities within the maritime field.

During his early years as an ETO, he also shares the struggle of staying connected with family before the internet era.

Seafair's Professional Support and Guidance: The Turning Point in Andriy's Maritime Career

Andriy shares the difficulties of transportation when arriving to his destined vessel. From his previous work experiences, he had to go straight to the vessel and work after deplaning which he finds silly. Since means of transportation usually takes him 2 days, he explains that resting is a must before working straight to the vessel.

In Seafair, I liked the organization, on how transportation to the vessel and transportation out of the vessel, everything was in time.

A year into his journey with Seafair, Andriy commends the significant improvements in job transitions, highlighting efficient transportation arrangements and necessary rest periods before starting on a new vessel that he cannot find in other agencies.

The personal communication and professionalism from Seafair staff, especially from Irina, left a strong impression on Andriy, exemplifying the company's focus on efficient and supportive interactions.

Adding to that, Andriy also appreciated Seafair's weekly job offerings which are a practical tool for planning ahead, reflecting on the platform's effectiveness in matching seafarers with suitable job opportunities.

Seafair Keeping Families Connected

As a digital crewing platform, Seafair stands out by placing seafarers at the helm of their careers. Understanding the hardships of separation of every seafarer, Andriy's journey underscores the value of a platform that not only connects you to the best job opportunities but also ensures your well-being and family connections. Sign up today, and take the first step towards a future where you're not just another crew member, but a valued part of a community that sails together.


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