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Redefining Seafaring Amidst Crisis in Ukraine: Chief Officer Dmytro Losynsky's Leap with Seafair

Chief Officer Dmytro Losynsky's journey in the maritime industry spans over twenty years, a career choice inspired by his family tradition. This blog post explores his experiences, focusing on his transition to using Seafair, a platform that addresses the primary concerns of job-seeking seafarers through digital solutions.

Two Decades at Sea: Dmytro on Continuing His Family's Legacy

Dmytro Losynsky began his seafaring career immediately after graduating from a maritime academy, driven by a family legacy. His passion for continuous learning and self-improvement underscores the essence of his long-standing career. "It's very interesting. You always improve yourself because you have to learn a lot," Dmytro shares, highlighting the continuous learning curve in his profession.

Dmytro's Unique Experiences: Leading Foreign Crew as a Chief Officer

One of Dmytro's standout experiences was overseeing an all-Indian crew, which offered him valuable cultural insights and distinctive culinary discoveries. This opportunity not only expanded his palate but also sharpened his leadership abilities by deepening his appreciation for diverse cultural viewpoints.

A Digital Lifeline: Finding Seafair in the Midst of Uncertain Situations

The turmoil in Ukraine disrupted traditional employment paths for seafarers, making digital platforms like Seafair pivotal. Dmytro states that all connections seafarers had with crewing companies were broken due to that situation; many, all of a sudden, were looking for jobs and that's where Seafair came in and offered legit job openings online, illustrating the platform's role in bridging the gap between seafarers and job opportunities.

After what happened in Ukraine, I found Seafair through the internet. I was able to get a job and acquired easily their service online

He highlights the importance of Seafair's digital services in the current climate. With numerous seafarers relocating internationally, he underscores the benefits of Seafair's online platform, particularly amidst a global crisis that restricts in-person engagements. The platform streamlines the job search and application experience, proving invaluable for seafarers dispersed worldwide. Dmytro values the platform's ease of use and the advantages it provides, such as bonuses and subsidies, which make it appealing for seafarers to remain engaged with Seafair.

Dmytro's Feedback and Future Plans with Seafair

Dmytro plans to continue his career with Seafair, citing the seamless experience and support he has received. He suggests improvements for the accounting department to enhance efficiency further but overall expresses satisfaction with the services. "With Seafair, all services are provided online," he states, affirming his positive outlook towards his future contracts with the platform.

Seafair and the Future of Maritime Employment

Dmytro Losynsky's reflections on his career and experience with Seafair shed light on the evolving landscape of maritime employment. Seafair stands out as a digital solution that effectively meets seafarers' needs for job security and convenience, making it a preferred choice for professionals like Dmytro.

Seafair is here to ensure your journey at sea is as rewarding as it is boundless. Join Chief Officer Dmytro Losynsky and countless others who have found their maritime career path with Seafair.


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