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Sea Bound: Third Engineer Ruslan Yukhimyuk's Journey with Seafair

A Legacy of Seafaring: Meet Third Engineer Ruslan Yukhimyuk

Inheriting the profession from his father and grandfather, Third Engineer Ruslan Yukhimyuk found his calling as a seafarer from a tender age of twelve. He saw romance in the endless sea, the camaraderie of crewmates, and the excitement of life aboard a ship.

Ruslan humorously recounts a memorable incident from his early days as a cadet on his first contract straight out of university. Under the captain's jesting instruction, he and his fellow cadets attempted to hoist the anchor manually. Seeing that the anchor was heavy, laughter and realization echoed in the crew when they admitted defeat, resorting to the mooring winch to finish the task.

From seas to lands: Ruslan's Favorite Leisure-time Activities

Off-duty, Ruslan enjoys his solitude by delving into technical manuals or engaging in friendly competition over computer games with his colleagues. He has sailed across numerous ports, including Australia, Canada, Europe, the US, Russia, Cameroon, and the Caribbean Islands. However, it's the exotic allure of Madagascar that holds his heart.

Evolving Roles & Responsibilities: Ruslan's Effort in Achieving His Ambition

Fast forward to the present, Ruslan embraces a gamut of responsibilities - from maintaining the generator, transfuel, purifier, to air pump compressors. In his strive to become a chief engineer, he tirelessly engages in continuous learning and on-job training. His advice to aspiring seafarers is insightful and pragmatic:

"Ask questions! Seek advice from those who've tread the path before you. They've weathered the storms and can guide you through any turbulence you encounter."

Navigating Challenges: Ruslan's Encounter with Seafair

In his journey, Ruslan faced numerous challenges - lack of onboard amenities, bureaucratic issues, and unsatisfactory work conditions. That's when Seafair stepped in and made a difference for him. Through Seafair, Ruslan got access to the best jobs in a fleet of over 600+ vessels, tailored to match his preferences for salary, vessel type, embarkation date, and more.

Embark on Your Seafaring Adventure: Explore Opportunities with Seafair

"Seafair simplified my seafaring journey. They took care of the complexities, enabling me to focus on my passion," Ruslan shares, appreciating the dedicated professional support available 24/7 for all his concerns and emergencies. Ruslan's story is among the many testimonies that reflect the progress we aspire to witness in the maritime industry - plentiful opportunities and achieving higher ranks. If you are an aspiring or veteran seafarer seeking a smooth, rewarding maritime journey, join Seafair's digital crewing platform today and let us help you find next contract!


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