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📢 Seafair Updates: May Edition✉️

As we bid farewell to May, our energy at Seafair is as vibrant as ever. 🌟 

This month's newsletter is filled with exciting updates and breakthroughs:

➡️ We're thrilled to announce a ground-breaking partnership with Dioryx Maritime 

aimed at revolutionizing crew management and setting new industry standards. 🚢 

➡️ Our fleet continues to expand! This month, we've added more vessels and successfully dispatched 

numerous seafarers, marking another step forward in our global operations. 🌟 

➡️ This May, we rolled out new software features designed to enhance crew management efficiency, 

providing more advanced configurations for our users. ⚓️ 

➡️ Seafair's innovative approaches have made headlines in the Greek maritime press, reinforcing our 

position as a leader in the industry. 📰🌟

Join us as we are ready to welcome June and sail into new adventures in the maritime world! 🌊


Dioryx Maritime Joins Forces with Seafair to Revolutionize Crew Management! 🚢

Client visit in Manila office

Seafair joins forces with Dioryx Maritime Services Corporation!🚢

We are very excited to welcome Dioryx Maritime Services Corporation to our expanding list of crewing partners. A highly reputable containerships operator, Dioryx Maritime Services Corporation entrusted us with fully manning three of their modern containerships, while also modernizing their software infrastructure. ⚙️

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration & advancing our shared goals in the maritime industry! 🤝


🚢 Expanding Horizons with New Fleet Additions and More Dispatches! 🌟

Photos of seafarers in Manila office

Exciting developments at Seafair as we enhance our fleet with the addition of new vessels and shipping companies, while celebrating the departure of a group of enthusiastic seafarers, all smiles as they begin their new voyages! 🚀

We express our deepest gratitude to our community—seafarers, clients, and partners—for their steadfast trust and collaboration. This significant expansion not only broadens our operational capabilities but also opens up a wealth of career opportunities for our seafarers, ensuring a brighter future in the dynamic maritime sector.

As we send off our seafarers, their energy and dedication inspire us all. We're committed to their success and well-being, ensuring that Seafair remains a leader in providing top-tier maritime employment opportunities. Here's to their safe and prosperous journeys as we continue to innovate and expand together! 🚢🌟 


🖥️May's Feature Rollout: More Advanced Configurations!⚓️

Product Updates Logo

This month, our engineering team has made significant strides in enhancing the functionality and user experience of our crew management software. Here’s a glimpse into our latest updates🚀:

  1. Revamped Rest Hours Non-Compliance View: We've redesigned the rest hours non-compliance interface to help crew managers quickly understand the reasons behind any non-compliance issues. This clearer visualization ensures that corrective actions are more intuitive and effective 🕒.

  2. Document Matrix Enhancements: a) Training Validity Customization: Training validity periods can now be pre-configured by rank to align with specific shipping company requirements. This setting is adjustable, except for trainings that never expire, where a warning will prompt users about the permanency 📚. b) Vessel-Type Specific Configuration: Our document matrix has expanded to allow customizations not just by rank but also per vessel type, offering unparalleled flexibility in managing crew documents tailored to each vessel's specific needs 🚢.

These improvements are part of our commitment to advancing maritime crew software, making management tasks more tailored and efficient for our users. 🔗 Dive into the details of how we're innovating crew management by visiting our site here


📰 Seafair's Breakthroughs Headline Greek Maritime Press! 🌟

Photo of Seafair's new team member Paris

We're thrilled to share another exciting feature in the Greek press, celebrating Seafair's continued innovation in the maritime sector! 🚀

A huge thank you to Minas Tsamopoulos for the enlightening article, and immense gratitude to Efi Smyrlaki of Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd. and Zisis Stylianos of Genoa Shipping for their supportive testimonials and recognition of our efforts. 🙏

Their endorsement underscores the significant impact of our work and our steadfast dedication to the maritime community.

As Seafair expands, we remain committed to pioneering maritime innovations and effectively addressing the evolving needs of our clients and seafarers. Join us on this exhilarating voyage as we forge new paths in maritime excellence.

Discover more about our transformative journey and the exciting changes we're bringing to the industry in the full article here! 👇🏼🌊


Wondering how Seafair is reshaping the future of crewing?

Dive in with us and see the difference! 🚀👇

Till next time!

Your Seafair Partners


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