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The Future of Seafaring: Second Engineer Aleksei Eltsov review on Seafair

Journey's Start: Aleksei's Entry into Seafaring

Starting his maritime career in 2012, Aleksei initially entered the field drawn by the promise of a good salary. While economic stability was a primary motivator, his genuine interest in engineering, fueled by his hands-on experiences with repairing motorcycles during his teenage years, has kept him engaged and passionate.

From Deckhand to Engineer: Aleksei’s Early Challenges and Growth

However, the path wasn't always smooth. Aleksei recalls his first assignment onboard as a cadet – a challenging experience where he spent weeks washing the deck, more as a laborer than as an engineer-in-training. It wasn't until months later that he began receiving mentorship in engineering.

Digital Solutions: Aleksei Embracing Seafair's Platform

Fast forward a few years, and Aleksei's professional path took a modern turn. Instead of traditional manning agencies that required physical visits and paperwork, he was introduced to Seafair, a digital end-to-end crewing platform. This change came when a representative from Seafair, Irina, reached out to him after spotting his CV on a job search site, a popular site in the maritime industry.

"It's even easier to work with a digital crewing agency like Seafair because there's no need to come to any office. I can solve all problems through my cell phone,"

Aleksei shared the convenience of dealing with a digital agency such as Seafair. Everything from interviews to document submissions could be done remotely, saving time and eliminating the need to travel to agency offices.

Fine-Tuning the Seafair Experience: Aleksei’s feedback on Seafair

No journey is without its bumps, and Aleksei candidly shared some challenges he faced, particularly about onboard internet provisions. "There were some discrepancies in what was promised and what was delivered in terms of internet availability," he mentions. However, he lauds Seafair's swift response time and customer service, particularly appreciating the quick feedback from representatives like Irina and Aris.

Seafair's Commitment to Modern Seafaring

Aleksei acknowledged the initial trust barriers of working with an agency you can't see but highlighted that his experiences have been positive overall.

For many seafarers, Seafair presents an opportunity to blend traditional maritime experiences with modern digital conveniences. As Aleksei's journey shows, this blend can offer the best of both worlds, keeping seafarers connected, informed. Ready to be part of this innovative maritime community? Join Seafair today and embark on your next journey!


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