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Transforming Maritime Careers: How Digitization Improved Kostyantyn’s Maritime Career

The Beginning: Kostyantyn’s Start of Seafaring Journey

The journey to becoming a seafarer often begins with a spark of inspiration. For Second Engineer Kostyantyn Moskal, that spark was lit by his uncle's intriguing tales of life at sea. His interest in mechanics led him to a maritime career that combined both his passions.

A Career at Sea: Kostyantyn’s Exciting Travels

Kostyantyn recalls his first contract as an exciting initiation. His six-month journey took him around Africa and to the United States. At that time, less regulation in the maritime sector allowed for greater freedom and exploration at various ports. Today, due to stricter regulations and the COVID-19 pandemic, he notes that the experience can sometimes feel more restrictive.

Traditional Manning Agencies to Digital Crewing Platforms: Kostyantyn’s Experience with Seafair

Kostyantyn found Seafair through a job posting site. He was impressed by how quickly Seafair responded to his application.

The process of securing contracts has undergone significant changes over the years. Previously, Kostyantyn would travel hundreds of kilometers to manning agencies to sign his contracts. This changed with his discovery of Seafair, a digital crewing platform that streamlined the process.

"Now, contract signing only takes a few hours, leaving more free time for me to spend with my family."

This efficient process led to his first contract with a Maritime Company and since then, he has completed two more contracts through Seafair.

The Digital Future with Seafair

For Kostyantyn and many seafarers, Seafair has redefined the maritime landscape. With the wave of digital transformation, Seafair's services make the seafaring journey smoother, freeing up seafarers to focus on what truly matters - their passion for the sea. Concluding Kostyantyn’s inspiring story, remember that Seafair is more than just a digital crewing platform. It's a channel for aspiring seafarers to navigate their journey and make their mark on the maritime world. Are you ready to embark on your maritime journey?


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