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Maritime Challenges: Artem's Journey with Seafair, Sailing Through Ukraine’s Crisis and Beyond

Answering the Call of the Sea: Meet Third Officer Artem Malysh

The vast sea seems to bring out stories full of hard work, risk, and perseverance. Today, there is an opportunity to share one such story - that of Third Officer Artem Malysh. After six years in the industry, Artem's experience at sea has been quite an adventure.

The seed of a maritime career was planted in Artem's mind by his brother, an engineer and a seafarer. After school, faced with the daunting question - "what is next?" - Artem considered his brother's suggestion: the sea offered an appealing job with rewarding pay. Thus, armed with an open mind and a desire to learn, Artem set foot in the maritime industry.

Kick-starting a Seafaring Career: Artem's Early Years

Artem attended Maritime College, successfully graduating with honors. Yet, finding his first contract proved to be an uphill task. His initial success came courtesy of his college which secured his first contract on a small passenger carrier, followed by two contracts on general cargo. From one vessel to another, he continued to work and find better opportunities.

Taking Control: Artem's Search for Better Opportunities

The path to a successful seafaring career is not devoid of obstacles. As he gained experience, Artem was on a quest for a better job – one with a higher salary and improved work conditions. In his own words, without enough experience, it can be tough to find a company willing to hire. However, he also believes that relentless search always bears fruit.

Finding Stability: Artem's Experience with Seafair

The conflict in Ukraine added an additional layer of complexity to Artem's situation. Now a family man, he needed a job not just for himself, but to ensure a secure future for his family. Amid these pressures, Artem's perseverance saw him through.

Artem's continuous search for his next contract led him to Seafair. He found his experience with Seafair to be professionally fulfilling. He credits Irina from Seafair for her timely and supportive communication, always there to assist with any query or concern. Whether it was addressing a delay in his first salary or answering any questions he had, Artem found comfort in knowing he had a reliable point of contact.

Seafair Assists on Much More than Finding a Job

Third Officer Artem Malysh’s journey represents the courage and commitment of a seafarer. His story, combined with challenges and successes, highlights the relentless spirit of perseverance on this field. He shares,

"Seafair provided me with more than employment – they offer a support system, professional growth, and assurance in an unpredictable industry."

Whether you're a seasoned seafarer or just beginning your voyage, let Artem's journey inspire you. At Seafair, you're not just a seafarer. You're part of a community that truly cares about you and your family. So join Seafair today and let's navigate your maritime career together!


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