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🏆November Stories: Seafair's Safety4Sea Nomination, Manila Highlights & More🌏

As we are welcoming December, we're eager to unfold yet another chapter of Seafair's exciting journey! 🍂🚢

This month, we bring you captivating insights from our Global Crewing Director's visit to Manila, where new client relationships were forged, and our team bonds were strengthened. Plus, we're buzzing with pride over Seafair's nomination for a Safety4Sea award – a true testament to our commitment to excellence. 🏆🌟

Read about our latest product releases, designed to enhance your maritime experience even further. And, as always, we'll share another personal story from our seafaring community, the heartbeat of our operations. 🧭💙

Join us as we embrace new adventures and innovations in the world of maritime. ⚓️🌏


🏆 Vote for Innovation: Seafair's Second Safety4Sea Award Nomination!

We're over the moon to share that Seafair has once again been shortlisted for a prestigious Safety4Sea award, this time for the 2024 SMART4SEA Connectivity Award! After our triumphant win of the 2023 Technology Award, being honored a second time is truly exhilarating and humbling.

Our latest nomination is a salute to our relentless drive to transform maritime connectivity. We've crafted a digital network that ensures seamless, 24/7 real-time data flow, revolutionizing how maritime stakeholders, from the bridge to the shore, interact and operate. 🌐🚢

Let's sail to victory together! Cast your vote for Seafair and be a part of pioneering change in the maritime community. Your vote not only celebrates our innovation but also propels the entire maritime industry toward a more connected future. 🗳️💙

Go to the voting procedure by clicking the button below!


🤝 Manila Meetup: Our Crewing Director's Visit to our partners LT Marine🌏

Seafair's Global Crewing Director, Vassilis Vomvas, recently made a significant visit to our partner LT Marine in Manila, igniting a wave of enthusiasm and strategic collaboration. This visit was crucial, not only for team bonding but also for effectively overseeing and supporting the preparation of seafarers for upcoming roles on client vessels, reinforcing our commitment to operational excellence.

The visit provided an invaluable opportunity to meet with old friends, current and prospective clients, further cementing Seafair's reputation for delivering top-notch crewing services. Last month's success in onboarding 7 principals, including 2 new clients assigning full vessels, is a testament to our growing influence in the maritime sector. ⚓️

As we look forward to future visits and surpassing our operational goals, we remain dedicated to continuously enhancing our services, attracting new clients, and upholding our pledge to elevate the seafaring profession. With each step, Seafair is committed to driving innovation and excellence in maritime crewing. 💪


Product Updates: Streamlined SFRs & Crew Lists! 📋

Get ready for an efficiency boost with our newest product update! Now, you can effortlessly view all your open Vacancies right in Vessel Manager. This intuitive feature lets you track what's been shared with your manning agents and plan your next moves seamlessly. 🚢

With just a click on each bar, dive into detailed views and swiftly action on proposed candidates. This not only simplifies your workflow but also ensures you're always a step ahead in your crewing process. ⚓️


#FacesofSeafair of November welcomes ETO Andriy Kletsov ! 👨‍✈️

Embark on the inspiring journey of ETO Andriy Kletsov, whose maritime career spanning over two and a half decades began in 1998. Andriy's story, full of challenges and triumphs, reflects the true spirit of a seafarer. From the early days of grueling shifts and personal sacrifices to navigating the seas far from loved ones, his tale is one of perseverance and adaptation. 🛳️

With Seafair, Andriy experienced a turning point in his career. He highlights the organizational excellence, from timely transportation to ensuring rest before embarking on a new vessel - a care and attention he hadn't found elsewhere. The personalized support from Seafair staff, like Irina, and the platform's efficiency in aligning seafarers with the right opportunities, have marked a new era in his seafaring life. 🤝

Andriy's story is a true beacon for new seafarers aspiring to a rewarding maritime career.⚓ Thank you for trusting us ETO Kletsov💙 Read more about his story in our #FacesOfSeafair blog post here.


Want to learn more about our innovative manning & crew software? 👇🚀

Your support fuels our voyage! 🌟As we sail into December, get ready to welcome the festive spirit and joyous celebrations ahead.

Together, let's make this month a memorable finale to the year! 🚢🎉

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