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Reporting is the new Crewing Game-Changer!📊

July is coming to an end, and we are very excited

to share the latest Seafair updates with our awesome community! 🌞✨

As the summer sun shines and most of us are getting ready for vacation, join us to discover the highlights of this month's adventures ⛵️🌊!


Thank you SwissMarine for trusting us with your crewing needs🎉

This month we are celebrating our partnership with SwissMarine. Over the past year, Seafair has assisted the well-respected Greek Principal by sourcing stellar officers for their modern fleet of Bulk Carriers. Thank you, SwissMarine, for allowing us to be part of your prosperous voyages!

Find out more about our reliable manning services and how Seafair can be your trusted partner. Click the button below to explore further! 👇


Product Updates: Our Newest Reporting Feature📊

We are back with a game-changing new feature; our much anticipated Reporting Solution, which will be reshaping the industry's data analytics approach!

Effective reporting is vital for Crew Managers and shipping companies, enabling data-driven decision-making and compliance with today's stringent standards. Seafair's reporting utilizes a canonicalized database structure and seamless integration with GoodData, offering user-friendly customization and unlimited report creation.

Crew Managers are more empowered than ever; they can now answer crucial questions about their seafarers. From experience levels with electronic engines to appraisal scores and age demographics, the possibilities are endless.

Our collaboration with leading shipping companies has allowed us to develop innovative tools that were previously unavailable in the market and which can prove truly essential for Informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

Check the video above to see how this could work for you as well!👆🏼

At Seafair, our mission is to continually develop features that simplify and streamline the lives of shipping professionals. Click the button below to learn more about how this feature among others can help you get peace of mind👇


#FacesofSeafair of July presents 3O Artem Malysh! 👨‍✈️

Join 3O Artem's maritime journey filled already with six years of seafaring experience! His story is one of hard work and persistence.

From the seed of inspiration planted by his seafaring brother to his bold decision to embrace a rewarding career at sea, Artem's early years were marked by challenges. Despite obstacles, he searched tirelessly for better opportunities, seeking higher pay and improved conditions.

Artem talks about finding stability and professional fulfilment with Seafair who not only offered him employment but also provided a supportive community that understands the unique demands of the industry.

Artem's courageous journey is truly inspiring! And we really thank him for embracing a career with Seafair where you're more than a seafarer – you're part of a caring community dedicated to your success.

Thank you for trusting us 3O Artem 💙 Read more about his story in our #FacesOfSeafair blog post here.


Getting ready to welcome August. ☀️

See you very soon! 🌊

Your Seafair Partners


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