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Taking Crewing to New Heights!

May has been pretty amazing and we can't wait to tell you all about it!

From new initiatives and product releases, to community meetings and new seafarer stories,

there is surely plenty to talk about! ✌️

Let us share what we have been up to this month ⛵


Shipowners take control of their manning with Seafair!🎉

Seafair is launching a game-changing initiative for shipowners; how they can take control of their manning.

Having established manning operations in 16 countries and now serving 30 companies with over 600 vessels, Seafair's digital tools provide a real-time view of 300,000 seafarers, enabling principals to manage their seafarer supply by building their own manning agency, previously a privilege of only industry giants.

Combining operational knowledge with advanced technology, Seafair is transforming the manning landscape, promising transparency, effectiveness, and a new paradigm in maritime crewing.

This innovative service offers principals transparent manning control without significant investment.Seafair manages the necessary infrastructure, while partners receive stock options and access to company financials.

Wanna know more? Click the button below to understand how we are changing the industry.


Product Sneak peek: Transparent Seafarers Pool View 👨‍✈️ 🚢

Have you ever dreamt of working with a manning agent who would give you access to their whole free pool (aka seafarers that are not locked in a principal’s pool)? Seafair makes it happen!

Principals who use our full manning service can now see a real-time, transparent representation of the 300K seafarers in our free pool for a specific vacancy. This view shows how seafarers rank in terms of quality & salary, to help principals objectively understand if the seafarer’s requirements are fair based on current market conditions.

Check the video above to see how this works!☝️

This is the first time that a manning agency shares transparently a view of available seafarers with clients, and is aligned with Seafair’s vision of building a more fair & transparent crewing.


Industry Gatherings: Seafair at “Startups in Shipping” Event💻

On May 27th, "Startups in Shipping," took place at the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation in Piraeus. Organized by Real Time Graduates and Startup Pathways, this event brought together industry experts and startups from the vibrant Greek Maritime startup community.

Under the moderation of Ilias G. Bissias and Suzanna Laskaridis’s warm welcome, our CEO Agapitos Diakogiannis took part in a riveting panel, including leaders of the Greek Maritime startup community, like Antonis Malaxianakis, Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos., Aris Manassakis, and Michael Hartoularis, where all shared their success stories, enlightening the audience with insights from the dynamic Greek startup scene.

The event highlighted Greece's unique positioning as a hub of global shipping, inspiring the next generation to embrace the thriving sector. The event successfully depicted a vision of a dynamic Greece, poised to lead global shipping while embracing innovation.


#FacesofSeafair of May presents Cpt Ilia Poglod! 👨‍✈️

Join us as we navigate the inspiring journey of Captain Ilia Poglod! From a young age, inspired by his father's seafaring profession and allured by the sea, Illia had one dream: to become a Captain. His determination, combined with the innovative support of Seafair, helped turn his childhood aspiration into a maritime success.

He shares that while he enjoyed quality moments with his family, Seafair's dedicated team worked diligently to secure his next assignment as a Master, ensuring a stress-free preparation for his upcoming voyage. Thank you for trusting us Captain Ilia 💙

Read more about his story in our #FacesOfSeafair blog post!


Looking forward to what June brings our way. ☀️

Until next time! 🌊

Your Seafair partners


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