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Bidding farewell to April

As we are getting ready to say goodbye to this month, we can’t help but wonder; how did April treat you?🌺

We hope that Easter break gave you a chance to rewind and spend some time with your loved ones!

Let us share what we have been up to this month ⛵


Cosmoship Management joins Seafair’s Manning Services!🎉

We are very excited to welcome Cosmoship Management, a leading Greek owned ship management company, to our community of manning partners! We are pleased to have the opportunity to assist Cosmoship in employing great seafarers for their fleet’s unique needs, through seamless processes.

“We are pleased to start working with Seafair, who will be supporting us in finding qualified candidates to join our fleet. We have already placed a Chief Engineer and a Fitter through Seafair, ranks that can be very demanding under current circumstances. We are looking forward to working with Seafair and potentially expanding the scope of our collaboration.”


#FacesofSeafair of April presents 2E Aleksei! 👨‍✈️

Is there anything better than a happy seafarer on board? Meet our 2E Aleksei Prividion, who is sharing how working with Seafair feels like!

He says that one of the reasons he loves working with us is having the flexibility to update his job preferences through the platform, as well as having a professional team, like our operators, look after his career. Thank you for your kind words Aleksei!

Read more about his story in our #FacesOfSeafair blog post


Product update: Manning Agent Access is getting enhanced 🚢

One of our favorite Modules on Seafair's platform, the Manning Agent access, is getting better!

The new updates in the module are designed to make the recruitment process way easier and more efficient both for Shipping Companies and their Manning Agents. Operators will be able to directly share vacancies with their manning agents and review candidates proposed to them.

Daily operations and recruitment never were faster!


Industry News: Charging ‘recruitment fees’ is the most common illegal practice, report says 🙅

Reading Safety4Sea's latest post about illegal practices in crewing (you may read the enlightening post here) made us frown and realized that the industry has yet to make many steps forward.

A recent study showed that "almost 40% of seafarers questioned experienced at least one form of unethical or illegal action in violation of international standards relating to worker rights either during the recruitment process or while working at sea".

Seafarers shouldn't pay fees for their own work. Such practices are unacceptable and should be eliminated. At Seafair we take pride in offering transparent employment options and equal opportunities to all seafarers who choose to trust us with their careers.


April showers bring May flowers💮

Looking forward to sharing more with you.

Until May! 🌼

Your Seafair partners


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